Bonus Skill Training lessons

Choose From these training videos to learn skills That help build a more dynamic portfolio.


Skill Lesson:

This two-part module teaches how to develop a brand expression and a project strategic brief.

Skill Lesson:
art direction

From concept to design, this module reviews art director skills, and download-able documents and templates to help produce portfolio-ready projects.

skill lesson:

An overview the various skills of ad copywriters, plus training to concept and execute an ad campaign.


skill lesson:
Graphic Design

This bonus module teaches the process of identity development, from interpreting a brief to producing a brand guide.

skill lesson:
digital design

Today, over 90% of communications are seen on a screen. This lesson reviews the roles in digital design and the process of creating an application project.

By re-engineering the academic model, Job Propulsion Lab helped me master the skills I needed to kickstart my career in only six months.
— Sam O'Brien, Designer, McGarrah Jessee