By re-engineering the academic model, Job Propulsion Lab helped me master the skills I needed to kickstart my career in only six months.
— Sam O'Brien, Designer, McGarrah Jessee


Learn how to launch your advertising career with step-by-step videos and downloadable tools.


Module 1:
How Careers Go Wrong

This lesson shows how promising creative careers get and stay on the wrong path, and the four basic steps that avoid pitfalls and keeps you on the right one.

Module 2:
Finding Your Career

Learn “Me Research” that determines a specific career goal, the place to work, and the samples you’ll need to land the job that starts your creative career.

Module 3:
Build Your Portfolio

Your portfolio gets you in the door! Learn how to put together a great portfolio that proves you’re capable of doing the job, even if you haven’t done it before.


Module 4:
Concept & Craft

Become an idea generating machine using our Brainstorming Toolbox™. This lesson teaches techniques of idea generation that discover groundbreaking ideas.

Module 5:
The Integrated Campaign

Featuring an integrated advertising campaign in your portfolio shows potential employers you know how to communicate a brand across all media. This lesson shows how to develop and produce a speculative brand campaign using multiple tactics.

Module 6:
Your Portfolio Website

A professional portfolio is your marketing platform. This module teaches dozens of details, from crafting unique descriptions to showing your work in the correct order. Everything on your site is designed to make you irresistible to your perfect employer.


Module 7:
Resume and job application

Learn the art of turning a resume and application email into marketing tools that help you stand out as the perfect job candidate to your potential employer.

Module 8:
Nail the Interview

The interview gets you the job – unless you blow it. Learn each step needed to prepare and deliver effectively. Captivate your dream employer by showing your the perfect fit and get the offer!

Bonus Module:
The Job Search

using JPL’s Five Ps for Success: Plan, Prioritize, Preview, Prep, and Progress, this lesson teaches how to get organized, and launch a job search that gets your new career started fast.

JPL’s program helped me develop more than planning skills. Right out of college, I had the confidence and ability to tackle a very challenging ad world. Do it!
— Jennie Lee Gruber, Planner, Giant Spoon